Harris: Madame Vice President

Ph.D. (c) Desirée Viteri Almeida

Coordinadora de Investigación de la Fundación Haciendo Ecuador

Elections in the United States were one of the most significant events in the world this 2020. “Black women and women of color have long been underrepresented in elected office and in November we have an opportunity to change that. Let’s get to work”, stated Kamala Harris during her campaign running for Vice President for the Democrat Party. Joe Biden chose Harris, California´s senator, as his vice-presidential runner-up, and she won. Kamala Harris made history by breaking another glass ceiling during her career becoming the Vice President of the United States. Harris, daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, is the woman who has risen to the top of the United States leadership. 

She was the first Black and Indian American woman nominated for the position and the fourth woman on the presidential ticket for a major U.S. party. Without a doubt, her candidacy was a milestone for women of color’s representation in government. Harris is a woman that has had trailblazing accomplishments and transcendental achievements: in 2011, for instance, she became the first woman and the first African American to lead California´s Attorney General’s Office. Then, in 2016, she was elected as the second Afro woman to hold a seat in the Senate.

Harris faced gender-based political violence, sexism, and racism during her campaign. For example, as soon as Biden announced his running mate, Donald Trump called Kamala “nasty.”  Nevertheless, this woman demonstrated that she is a tough leader with a lot of potentials. The people of her country support her and believe that she will be able to be a good Vice President. And who knows, maybe she even becomes the next President of the United States.

All in all, Kamala Harri´s victory as Madame Vice President is a historical moment with deep symbolic and political meanings. Her profile is very likely to bring Democrats closer and to attract women, youth, and the African American community in the Politics world. Currently, many women and girls of color are leaders of important social movements, and definitely, a figure like her can be very inspiring for them and women across the globe.

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